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Avoid your Adsense account from being blocked !


If you trawl through the AdSense message boards you can’t help but come across tales of woe from AdSense publishers that have had their account banned by Google.
Below is a list of ways people have been banned from AdSense and information on how to avoid it happening to you.
Don’t click on your own ads
The obvious one but still people do it. Google has the IP address of the computer/s that you’ve used to create and check your AdSense account. If it sees that this IP address clicks one of your ads you’re in trouble.
Don’t do it. It’s theft. Not from Google but from the AdWords advertisers.
If you want to go to a site advertised by one of your ads don’t click on it look at the URL of the advertising site at the bottom of the ad and type it into your browser.
If you click on one accidentally (which does happen) you’re probably be ok but it’s worth dropping a quick email to Google with an explanation and apology
Don’t log in to AdSense from a shared computer.
As I said above Google keeps a record of every machine IP address used to look at your account. If you check your stats on a machine then someone else clicks on your ads from the same machine Google sees this as click fraud. Worth bearing in mind when thinking of checking your stats from somewhere like an internet Café.
Don’t log in to your AdSense account from work.
Apart from getting in trouble with the company that employs you there’s also a further real risk. Most companies use a proxy server to access the Internet. A proxy server with ONE IP ADDRESS. Therefore you checking your ads from work means this proxy IP address being recorded by Google as one that you use. Problem is if there are 1000 people in your company it is the same IP address for them too. Google can’t differentiate between you and the other 999 employees in your company. If one of these 999 clicks on one of your ads it’s ban time.
Don’t get into a ‘I’ll click your ads if you click mine’ agreement with another Webmaster.
As above Google will have your IP address and that of every AdSense publisher. If they see these IP addresses consistently clicking on each other ads it’s goodbye for both of you.
Don’t tell friends and family.
Telling friends and family about your money making websites can lead to problems. Even if you tell them not to click on your ads there’s always the chance that Auntie Maud will think it’s a good idea to make some extra money for her favourite nephew. 100 clicks later from the same visitor and your account is screaming ‘Click Fraud’.
Receiving clicks from illegal traffic
Check the AdSense TOS for sources of traffic that aren’t allowed by Google. These include methods like Traffic exchange, PTC advertising, Auto surf etc.
Do monitor your visitor and AdSense figures
Check your account at least once a day. If you see a massive spike coupled with a massive increase in Page CTR investigate using your visitor stats website. If you see it’s all come from the same IP address you could have been the victim of a malicious attack – inform Google via email and offer them access to your logs.

Adsense Best Revenue Sharing Bookmarking Using Backlinks


It is necessary to learn strategies that will help you leverage the web, one way to do this is to utilize the effective backlinking techniques used with social bookmarking sites and revenue sharing sites. Once you have a list of sites that will drive more traffic to your articles you will want to set up a system that allows you to add content on a daily basis. This is how you can build up an empire of articles that will bring massive amounts of traffic to your webpage for years to come.

Start by looking for new adsense and non-adsense sharing sites each month to use,write them down. Then sign up with a profile it is important to be helpful and valuable in your information. The key is to link related posts together. You also want to be sensitive to what the group of members on the site are interested in knowing more about.

Spend some time getting to know the variety of profiles and contribute useful information that they can share. The whole idea of using social networking sites is to not only market yourself but to engage and connect with like minded individuals who are going through the same challenges and triumphs that you are online.

Here is a list of some of the best adsense revenue bookmarking sites for backlinking to your content on the web.

  • blogevolve is a place where bloggers can write about a variety topics of interest and link to a blog
  • wisebread is a site of bloggers who help with information on ways to save money in a recession
  • blogburner this is a place started by a famous internet marketer who pays you to set up a free blog
  • printnpost has a set of FAQ that cover how to earn money and how to post content for money
  • xomba lets visitors post bookmarks and articles for a share in adsense revenues
  • hubpages has affiliate programs from adsense to amazon to ebay and kontera for writers to earn
  • suite 101 is a place for freelance writers who want to earn off their skills and editorial grammer content
  • brighthub provides technical and computer type articles and pay through adsense or performance pay
  • snipsly lets you write on a variety of topics with shared revenue as you get more traffic to posts
  • squidoo has changed over the years, writers can create lens and promote amazon and chikita ads
  • associated content pays by how much traffic you can get to your articles
  • bukisa is another revenue sharing site that lets you include pictures and informative articles
  • yousaytoo lets writers contribute to a charity or earn from adsense and amazon
  • infobarrel a writers dream high level of ways to earn from each posts contributed each day
  • redgage is a stop that pays to share, comment and add interesting tips to readers
  • SheToldMe is a place where writers can bookmark their favorite sites
  • Jevitt is community web site that enables people to promote their online content
  • Fuelspace is a free advertising websites that pays revenue also
  • TipDrop is a place where people can make money and give or receive tips on just about anything
  • MyCibb is a Free dofollow social bookmark site. Share your favorite web links and contents
  • webanswer here you can share your knowledge and ask questions
  • gather is a community of people who share news stories and blog posts
  • mylot is a place to connect and share content with a large group of people and a variety of topic areas

It may take some time to actually setup an account with them but it will be useful to start a notebook and write down your goals and how you want to make the experience rich and satisfying to your readers and followers on the social networking tours. It is best to have a really informative profile so people can relate to you and understand what your personal mission statement is.

Doing these tried and tested strategies will help you build your online business and also have a long term relationship with your fellow subscribers. You want to show yourself as a leader and someone that can be looked upon for answers to the many questions that newbies and beginners are going to want to know. If you are contributing content for a particular niche it is important to show that you understand what they want and need.

Its important to keep in mind that signing up for these sites will only benefit you if you plan on being an active contributor the goal is to build relationships over time and so you must be a positive contributing member.

Know your audience, understand who you are speaking to through your content online. Be a resource and a place for people to share and learn from your article or blog posts. Many of these revenue sharing sites will come and go but what must stay constant is your efforts to brand yourself on the web.

Adsense Tips: Guide to adsense revenue


The first major breakthrough when it comes to monetize an article, blog, must necessarily be the reader, holding him to the information, give him different experiences. Create an audience will not be easy, takes time, requires creativity and originality. Of course we deserve a reward for our effort which may come from revenue from adsense or other sources. The first big tip on how to make money with google adsense is work, work, try different solutions and be very patient.
Structuring the articles, posts along the lines of communication AIDA: Holding attention, be interesting, keeping the desire and guide for a particular action, It's an excellent idea. All who share something through blogs, articles whatever, even how to take advantage of the internet and earn money. deserve a reward, but the truth is far from this scenario. Achieve income with adsense takes work and requires using many techniques.
To be able to enchant readers, make money, with all our knowledge, writing skills, all of these "weapons" we have first to get visits, this is the first major difficulty. But we can overcome .

Find Niches

But the first step happens when we choose the subject on which we will write the article or even create a blog. Magnificent will be able to anticipate a trend, a theme that in the near future will have much demand, be the first to write about it gives a huge competitive advantage. But while this not appens we can use some tricks to help you get ideas. There are many sites that show trends in Internet search.
Trendwatching - One of the world's leading trend firms, trendwatching.com scans the globe for emerging consumer trends. They have a free trend monthly briefing.
McKinsey Quarterly - The business journal of McKinsey & Company.
Springwise - Daily fix of entrepreneurial ideas.
Google Zeitgeist - Search patterns, trends, and surprises.
Amazon - Most wished for.
Wordstream - Free keyword Niche Finder.
Now we have plenty of ideas on topics to explore. But we must not forget that to make money with adsense, we have to know that there are niches more profitable than others. Of course, the more profitable more competition, to get adsense revenue, we must have a good balance between competition and profit. After the niche the words.

Adsense keywords

It's all about words. Of course we can get many visitors without making management of the words. Many articles and blogs receive thousands of visits, but .... can not monetize their work. You can do an excellent article that captures the attention, has good content, many visits, but if the choice of words does not have advertising relevance, may yield very little money. In the choice of words is a good part of the secret of success. To choose the best keywords we need tools, and the best free to begin the adventure is: Googe Adwords Keyword Tool.By using this tool the most important fields are:
Keyword: Search with exact match to stay with the real idea of the research for this particular word.
Competition: The choice must be based on words with less competition but is not a simple matter. Should check the page rank of the competition. The real competition comes from sites with more than PR5 or termination .gov or wikipedia. To determine your competition can use a plugin for firefox - SEO for firefox.
Global monthly search: choose keywords with at least 800 searches.
Estimated average CPC: is the amount of money an advertiser pays search engines and other Internet publishers for a single click. Find keywords with low competition but with a good CPC.
Example of keywords search

A good strategy might be to choose two or three long tail keywords (are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling) with two most competitive. The keywords should also be used to build the title and contents of the article or blog. Distributed in a balanced way without exaggeration


Despite all this work the content remains one of the keys to success. Therefore it is essential to create original content.
After all the work in the choice of market niches, keywords, the construction of content, it's time for promotion. With promotion we get more visits, more competitive capacity, increase the chances to be able to make money with google adsense. For this there are some sites that will give a fantastic help. These sites beyond the promotional component creating backlinks to articles or blogs, it is possible to earn some money too.

How to Earn with AdSense


Google is one of the Internet's largest and most profitable companies, through advertising dollars generated by the billions of searches conducted on its search engine every year. Google shares this revenue with websites that host Google's ads and search function via its AdSense program, which drives additional business to Google. Earning money through AdSense can be a relatively simple process.


Things You'll Need:
  • Active website or blog
  • Google AdSense account
  1. Establish a significant internet presence. To qualify for Google AdSense, you must have a significant presence on to the internet, be it a website with significant content or a blog with sufficient posts.
  2. Setup a Google AdSense account. Go to Google.com and select "Business Solutions," then "Earn revenue with AdSense," then "How do I get started," and finally "Apply online." This will take you to a simple application. Enter the required information, including your website's URL, the type of account (Individual or Business) that you wish to establish, and personal information to allow Google to make payments.
  3. Agree to the Google AdSense policies. Google strictly enforces a number of policies as part of the AdSense program. Read these carefully before agreeing. If you violate any policies, your Google AdSense account can be suspended or cancelled.
  4. Decide which AdSense capabilities you wish to use. Once your account is established, log back into Google AdSense and select the "AdSense Setup" tab to generate AdSense code. Choose how you will earn revenue, from "AdSense for Content" ads, by placing a Google search box via "AdSense for Search," and/or through AdSense referrals.
  5. Generate AdSense advertisement code. Select the type of AdSense function that you wish to add to your website or blog. Follow through the wizard, by selecting a type of ad or function, creating a general layout that will match the look of your website or blog, and further customizing AdSense. Once you have selected all of the options, Google will generate code that you can place on your site. Repeat if desired.
  6. Drive traffic to your website or blog. The more visitors to your site, the more revenues you will generate through AdSense. Engage in marketing efforts that will drive visitors to your site, and continue to create compelling content to keep traffic coming. Because Google allows the same AdSense account to be used for multiple sites, create new websites and blogs, and place AdSense ads on them as well.Manage your AdSense revenues. Periodically, log into Google AdSense and select the "Reports" tab. Monitor the amount of revenues that you are receiving, and pay close attention to any specific types of traffic that are generating significant revenues. Modify your sites on an on-going basis to maximize your AdSense dollars.

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