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Asbestos exposure is linked to more than mesothelioma and asbestosis


For decades, asbestos exposure has been firmly established as the sole proven cause of malignant pleural mesothelioma, a universally deadly pulmonary disease. The dangerous mineral is also linked to asbestosis and other serious afflictions of the lungs. However, the toxic effects of airborne asbestosare not limited to the chest and airway, as discussed in a recent medical review.

Published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part B, the study noted that asbestos exposure often has profound effects on other areas of patients' bodies, too. The problem, as the authors saw it, is that non-pulmonary asbestos-related diseases are not as well catalogued as those that affect the lungs.

In response, researchers listed a few general categories of illness that have been firmly (or at least provisionally) tied to asbestos exposure. These included autoimmune disorders, stomach cancer and ovarian tumors.

Likewise, the group said that studies hint at links between airborne asbestos exposure and brain tumors, blood disorders and peritoneal fibroids.

Overall, it is clear that exposure to this dangerous mineral is extraordinarily hazardous, even in small doses. The National Cancer Institute warns that any airborne asbestos exposure can lead to serioushealth problems. 


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