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How To Get Your Google Adsense Account Banned

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I was browsing the affiliate marketing forums last night and saw several new post about people who got their Google Adsense accounts banned. I see these types of post all the time and it leaves me scratching my head. It’s not difficult to follow the Google Adsense Terms Of Service.
From what I’ve been able to tell, there are two types of people who get their Adsense accounts banned.
  1. Those who deliberately push the limits. They know there’s a chance of getting their accounts banned and they’re not surprised when they get the notice.
  2. Those who do not take the time to read the TOS and are crushed when they get their banned notice from Google Adsense .
Here’s a quick list of the ways you can get your Google Adsense account banned.
  1. Click on your own ads
  2. Put Google Adsense on websites that have questionable or banned content
  3. Showing Adsense ads on Registration or “Thank You” pages.
  4. Sticking ad relevant images next to your Adsense blocks.
  5. Registering multiple accounts.
  6. Registering an account after you have been banned.
  7. Taking part in a “Adsense Click Ring”.
  8. Putting Google Adsense on Pop Ups that keep generating other pop ups when a user tries to close them.
  9. Asking other people to click on your ads. Google says not to do it, so don’t.
  10. Disclosing click through rates, earnings per click and impressions
  11. Using malicious automation software such as ‘bots’ to click on your ads.
  12. Putting Adsense on pages with no content.
  13. Hiring overseas workers to click on your ads.
  14. Creating Made For Adsense Websites
  15. Putting Adsense ads on Hate websites.
  16. Keyword stuffing pages
  17. Putting Adsense on websites that promote guns & ammo.
  18. Using excessive profanity.


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